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Fic Rec: Sleeper Car (7337 words) by Kathar [AO3]

Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: The Avengers (Marvel) - All Media Types
Rating: Explicit
Warnings: Author Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings, No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Clint Barton/Phil Coulson
Characters: Clint Barton, Phil Coulson
Additional Tags: PWP, white tie, Suit Porn, Trains, 1930s spy AU, light on the spy, heavy on the PWP, Get Together, First Time, bottom!Phil, they do it with mirrors

The working title of this story was “Gratuitous Sleeper Car Suit Porn.”

I can think of no more accurate summary than that.

Why read: It’s a really great PW that uses the historical location beautifully, putting in lots of lovely period details that made me flail happily. It also uses the whole sleeper car beautifully. Basically, it’s a PWP that’s not ‘just’ a PWP and I adored it.

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that’s another thing about Sam/Steve like they had Sam literally sitting by Steve’s bedside while he recovered and when he woke up the first person he sees is Sam and says with a little smile “on your left” which makes Sam give Steve the softest most loving smile in the whole damn movie while MARVIN FREAKING GAYE PLAYS IN THE BACKGROUND CAN YOU GET ANY MORE ROMANTIC

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Remember who you are


the best part of this, though, is that steve waits until he’s saved the world to do it - like, he’s completed *his* mission, and now he can lay down and die, can let bucky kill him if necessary, because even if he’s saved the world (again!), he doesn’t want to live in it without bucky again (lbr, he didn’t want to do it the first time- there is not a significant passage of time between bucky falling from that train and steve refusing to eject from the valkyrie - i don’t think it’s a conscious suicide attempt, but he’s certainly not invested in getting out alive, and nothing that’s happened to him since has really ameliorated that; steve’s always been reckless, but his recklessness has a death-wishy edge to it post-bucky’s death), not now that he knows bucky’s alive. he’s already admitted he doesn’t know how to be happy in this brave new world, every certainty he had has been shaken, and then he discovers that his best friend - whose death he carried - suffered a fate worse than death, because if you’re dead they can’t kill you over and over again by turning you into a thing to be used, a weapon to be aimed and fired and then put away until the next time, and steve blames himself for that, for the fact that even after he grew eight inches and a hundred pounds, he still wasn’t good enough, strong enough to save bucky. but here it’s not physical strength that saves him, but love, because steve’s heart has always been his strongest muscle.

Aaaah right in the heart

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Evans was even more tight-lipped about the sequel, but he did promise that the script exceeded his already-lofty expectations. “It’s a tough balance for Marvel to orchestrate these independent franchises while still dipping into the Avengers pool,” he said. “But the script is so good.” Yet it quickly became clear that Captain America 3 is the project he’s most excited to begin work on.

“I just love the relationship with Bucky, the Winter Soldier [Sebastian Stan],” Evans said. “Cap’s this wildly selfless man who is going through a very traumatic experience and determined not to bleed on anybody but challenged with such a conflicting hurdle. It’s this really beautiful dichotomy of trying to be strong and selfless, but at the same time, facing this real personal challenge.”

He added, “This is so personal for Cap, who has had to adjust to modern times; not just with tech shock and how society operates, but with the fact he’s been alone. He had no connection to anyone from his life when he was suddenly slammed with this relationship from his past, and seeing that evolve and come to fruition will be very exciting.”(x)


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"…if you’d look at how he related to everyone — Coulson loves projects. Here is a guy who didn’t have people skills. So Garrett says, can you help this guy Ward round off some of the rough edges? So he comes onto the team. Coulson is now vested, because he’s got a project. Who is Ward’s greatest threat? May. What does he do? He seduces her. Who is the one unknown on the team? Skye. He becomes her S.O. How do you get everyone rally around and trust you? You jump out of a plan trying to save someone else. Now, he had a parachute. Let’s say he failed to save Simmons, he would’ve been fine. Everything he’s done has solidified how people feel about him over the course of the season." 

"…what was the next thing he had to do after he saved Simmons? He had someone on the plane who was jealous of him: Fitz. And what did they do? They went on a mission together and they had a really good time together. And a bromance was started. And that took care of that." x

"…then in "Seeds," there’s a really nice moment where Skye is standing at the wall of valor, and we hear Coulson’s voice off-camera saying that the world is full of evil, pain, lies and death — and the camera pans and lands on Ward when he says "lies" and "evil."" x

This is the most painful AoS post I have ever seen

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